Märchenhafte Klavierballaden,
magisch- experimentelle Instrumentalkompositionen

Thoughts Of Tomorrow"Thoughts Of Tomorrow" ..... a passionate instrumental music that is aligned to the future and leaves the dreamer in the ruins of his memory.

flight 14"flight 14" ..... some cool sneaky-sinuous bass-lines you hardly notice the first time through, a little synth guitar, and a bunch of unusual synth sounds that make you feel you are being propelled on a new ride at some theme park.

a voice of many voices

serving Midcoast, Downeast & Central Maine


WERU-FM aired Uwe Gronau's Flight 14 in its entirety last October 3rd & 18th, November 14th, December 6th, and January 16th. Not many albums get played in their entirety five times within four months! Thanks again for this great music!

Denis Howard
Music Director


Visions"VISIONS" ..... die neue CD von
Uwe Gronau.
20 eigenwillige New Age Instrumentalkompositionen wie eine filmmusikalische Reise ohne Schubladendenken
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Platz 3 in Top 100 ZoneMusicReporter.com
ist erhältlich bei www.amazon.de sowie bei www.cdbaby.com
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Das Klavieralbum "Sonnentempel"
ist in allen Buchhandlungen, Onlinebüchereien und
zu beziehen.

"Full Moon Forest" ist erhältlich
sowie bei www.7us.de